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Calligraphy and Personalized Gifts

The art of calligraphy...

was introduced to me many years ago as I was earning a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art. I fell in love with calligraphy when the first stroke of the pen hit the paper. Since then I have pursued it wholeheartedly as the art form that it is.

Calligraphy has played an essential role throughout civilization. Scribes have heralded significant events throughout history with beautiful letters and passed down this art through generations, inspiring artists of today like myself.

As a calligrapher I have commemorated moments in family lives: weddings, births, graduation diplomas, keepsakes and more. I have had the privilege to work with clients to memorialize events that are special to them and find great joy in this.

I also enjoy finding meaningful sayings or quotes that inspire me. I love bringing to life these bits of wisdom and humor through letter arts, then offering them through my online store. This is my way of sharing the timeless and powerful expression that comes with a beautifully written word.

2018 Show


Artist Statement

Welcome to “Still Learning, Practice, Play and Pursuits in the Art of Calligraphy”. 

I have been working with the pen, brush and inks for over 35 years, at times as an escape from a hectic life raising two beautiful daughters and working as graphic artist. Now they are both grown, and though I miss those years, I‘m eager to once again pursue the letter arts and calligraphy more fully. 

Words, and the letters that make them up, have intrigued me since I was young. Perhaps that’s why I attended Mass College of Art, where I discovered the letter arts. There is a rhythm and magic in words that stirs my imagination both visually and through their content. I admire authors who’ve used those words to tell stories and inspire. Calligraphers like myself see letterforms as tools. When used with care they can hone and enhance communication in new, creative ways. They are links through which words can build to a meaningful visual plane. The same 26 letters in countless combinations of shape, line, form, color, ultimately illustrate the story of us. Imagine the possibilities of bringing letter symbols and imagery of cultures around the world together, studying textures, learning, understanding, appreciating their beauty, grace and power. The history of civilization is told through calligraphy and the written word across centuries. I aspire to embrace that history, practice the age old forms, interpret them in today’s world, play, explore and continue to pursue more and more as I grow. As Michelangelo wisely said, “I am still learning.”